Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tack N' Peel and Birthdays!

Today is another glorious day for me because my granddaughter, Allie, is one year old! Just when you think you can't possibly love anything more than your own children, along comes a grand child and you learn to love in different and deeper way. There's something just so precious about one of your own children's children. The amazement and wonder in life returns and we are given the gift of hope again. Oh, I do love my girls! Above is a picture of Allie and below is a picture of Emma, my oldest granddaughter by 16 days, and Allie together in their one year old picture together. Yes, I am a blessed woman! I think they're just too adorable for words!

Now I want to share not a card but my favorite, and for me, my most essential product in stamping - Tack N' Peel. You can get it from Susana's Custom Art and Card Design (SCACD) and it's only $9.00, it's the best deal around! I think everyone who deals with unmounted stamps should have and use this. I'll tell you why. It saves me a ton of time, space and money. I cover all my acrylic blocks with it and when I want to stamp, I pull the protective covering off, slap my stamp on, stamp and go. I don't have to worry about keeping the cling or E-Z Mount on the back of my stamp covered up so it doesn't get destroyed or stays sticky or worry about my stamps sticking together. I don't have to think about the space that is taken up by wood or even by the thickness of E-Z Mount. I figure for each unmounted stamp I have with nothing on the back, I can store two of them for the size of one stamp with E-Z Mount on the back of it and can store 4 to 6 more than I can with my wood mounted stamps. Don't know about you but I'm all for being able to have more stamps! I don't have to worry about cutting down my E-Z Mount to fit my stamp so my scissors don't get all stuck together and I don't have to clean my scissor blades as much. And you can use it with your stamps that already have E-Z Mount or some type of foam on the back. When you think the adhesive is giving away, just wash it with some mild liquid soap and water and set it somewhere to air dry and the stick comes right back! It lasts forever so I hope you'll consider the great advantages of this great product.

I had to cover up a new acrylic block I have so I thought I'd show you how quick it is to put on and how versitile Tack N' Peel is.

Here are my supplies:
Tack N' Peel
Acrylic Block
Sharp Scissors

Lay your acrylic block on the piece of Tack N' Peel and trace the block with a pencil.

This is what it will look like.

Then cut the outline out.

Pull off the yellow side of the protective paper.

Place the adhesive side to the block and press out all the bubbles.

I pulled back the clear protective covering.

Place your stamp on the block and ink and stamp your image. I took these pictures so you could see how strong the adhesive is. I just laid my stamp on top of the acrylic and it immediately stuck!

If you have stamps mounted on E-Z Mount or some other type of foam, you can use the same block on either side. I usually just place my foam mounted stamps on the side of the acrylic block that has the protective covering on it and it will stick and stamp just fine!

I love this product as much as I love my cuttlebug and think everyone should use it! So save yourself some time, money and space and get a great acrylic block and some Tack N' Peel and go to town stamping!


Molly B said...

Oh my stinkin cuteness! Those girls are ADORABLE! -Molly B

Sheri said...

You're right Susan! You are so blessed ..the girls so oresious..and I know just how you feel about them. My Emma will be here soon!

cabio's craft corner said...

OMG Susan, the girls are just SOoooooo cute!

Nicole said...

Aww... they are both just full of cuteness!!!! How precious. HUGS! Nicole (Inky's Mama)

Brandi said...

What darling girls! You are a lucky lady... thanks for the hints about Tack n peel.



Aud said...

Gorgeous little girls, and a fab tutorial! Thanks for sharing! :0)


marsha said...

Oh Susan, they are so precious and adorable! I just want to hug 'em! You are so blessed to have these two adorable angels. My grandchildren just steal my heart away and make me feel like a kid again. And...I have a new granddaughter, Emma - I posted a picture on my blog today!

Also - love the tutorial on tack n' peel. I've never thought about using this, I may have to get some!


Suzanne J Dean said...

Your grandbabies are gorgeous Susan--what cuties they are! You are a lucky grandma for sure!


Anonymous said...

I'm a tack 'n peel girl too! love it! Been using it since it came out. I'm a grandma too...a new grandson on Tuesday even!
love 'em! Puts us at 8! We have three busy daughters! lol
Pam Going Postal