Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camptown Girls . . .

Is coming tomorrow! I get to show off my scrabpooking abilities or lack of, for our team, The Rosebuds, for The Greeting Farm's Royal Battle. We've made it through to Week 3 and I sur4e don't want to let my sisters down. So stop back tomorrow and find out where to go to vote for us.

In the mean time, I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures of my family from
Easter. We had the greatest time and I love spending time with them. So enjoy and I'll be back tomorrow with a different side of me!

Here's our Allie eating breakfast. She grows so fast!

Ella, Heidi and Allie., Aren't they all just gorgeous?

With Daddy going through the Easter Egg Hunt bag.

This is all of us. Gosh, it was wonderful!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stampin With Those New Clear Stamps

I thought I'd share a tutorial for those of you who are a bit leary of the new clear stamps. This is my way of stamping and hopefully it will put a different spin on the clear stamps for you.


1 Belles N' Whistles stamp (the most important thing and I just love Wishes!)
Ink of your choice (I chose Memento Tuxedo Black)
Paper of your choice
Acrylic block to fit your stamp
1 9 x 12 sheet of craft foam (Yes, it's like the kind you can get at Joann's for like 10 for $1.00 when they're on sale!)

First I place my paper on top of the sheet of foam. This gives your stamp a great cushion in helping the ink cover the paper.

Then I peel off the protective covering from my acrylic block. I always cover my blocks with Tac N' Peel and love it!

Next I ink up my stamp. I like to pat my block on top of the ink pad but do it however works for you.

Then I place my block on the paper wherever I want to stamp. And then press down! Don't rock too much and try and place even pressure over the entire stamp.

Then just lift the stamp up and you've got a great, clear, crisp and clean image! I have been stamping like this for like a year and a half and I always get a great impression but these clear stamps are great to stamp with.

Some of you were worried about how detailed Elisabeth Bell's images would turn out and I picked Wishes from our new Spring and Summer Release because of the great detail and small lines used and it came out perfectly! I've stamps up all of the new clear Belles N' Whistles stamps and didn't get a bad image out of any of them.

So go get some cheap foam sheets, a great acrylic block and stamp away! I hope this clears up some of your misgivings about the quality of the image you'll get by using these clear stamps. I've got to tell you that not only was I not disappointed with them, but I loved how much space I saved with them! Quick, easy, clean stamping, Belles N' Whistles stamps! Enjoy!