Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Windy, windy day!

My gosh, it's been windy here in Maine the last couple of days! The tree branches are bowing and bending and you can see fresh cut grass moving around on the ground. My desk at works looks out over a beautiful lawn with lots of trees and the leaves are every color of green you can imagine. But during the fall, the trees look like an artist's canvas with every bright color you could imagine. We won't talk about what they look like during winter because that's my least favorite season!

When I saw the grass whirling around from the wind, it made me want to go in and color up my Tilda with the whirling leaves. Summer is my favorite season, but I do so love the colors of fall. To see the beautiful colored leaves floating around in the air is such a beautiful experience and is like a picture in time. I knew I had to have this Tilda because of the leaves floating! I'm a leaf person!

I colored her with Prismacolor pencils and OMS and used my spica clear glitter pen on the leaves and the twirling air. And I've come to love my white opaque pen for her little freckles. Such a cutie this girl is. The background paper is from Me and my Big Ideas and I picked up the flowers at Walmart. Love them to pieces! The button is from a bunch I received from a friend on another list I'm on and it's the first time I've used them on a card. Love them and you'll be seeing more buttons! I know it's not autumn yet, but I so adore this Tilda! Enjoy and hold on to the summer for the short time that it's here!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sleeping babies and little girls with flowers in their hair

I swear this won't turn into the Allie Marie blog, but Tiff just sent me some pictures and this one just touched my heart. Is there nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby? When you see a baby feeling so safe and secure that they're sleeping so deeply and soundly, it give you hope that good things can still come from the world. All is not lost.

Miss Tilda with the pretty flower band in her hair reminds me of the sweetness and carefree nature that most little girls have. Somewhere along the way most of us lose that gentle, everything-will-be-just-fine nature that we're all born with. This Tilda takes me back to the times when I was a little girl and I'd make hair rings out of dandelions. That bright yellow pollen would stain your finger tips and the smell would stay with you even after all the scrubbing of dial soap. If I breath in really deep, that fragrance comes right back.

I colored Tilda with my Prismacolor pencils and OMS and used my spica clear glitter pen on her flowers in her hair and around her shoe straps. I used Basic Grey background paper on her and some baubles sent from Monika in some blog candy I won. I used my opaque gel pen on her cheeks and the flower brads are from making memories. I hope you enjoy her.

Now breath in deep. It's summer time and if you think hard enough, you may be able to smell the sweet, sticky yellow pollen.