Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pets, cats and more....

Growing up, we didn't have many pets. There was Blackie, our cat who came and went as he liked. Then there were a number of kittens, but after I became allergic to them, they weren't allowed to stay very long. When we moved to Toledo, I took in a stray that was part Persian. We named her Schukems. She'd go outside during the night and jump up to my window and claw the screen when she was ready to come in. She was a terror! She would sit up in the tree and as dogs came trotting by without their owners, she's jump down and scare them out of the yard! My nephew Stevie thought she was the greatest thing and when he'd come around and scream for her, she'd go run underneath Mom and Dad's bed and stay right in the middle, right out of his reach! What a character she was! And she looked a lot like this cutie! She lived a long, happy life and we all enjoyed her.

When I moved into my apartment, I got my cat, Porthos, that I've talked about. He got mad at me for moving and took off, but decided to tease me and stay around the neighborhood. This image reminded me so much of Porthos and Schukems. It's that time of the year when the weather has broken and animals are out roaming. I keep looking for Porthos to show up around the neighborhood, but so far, no luck. But I'm still hopeful. And when he does, I'm sure he'll look just like this!

And then there's my Hagrid and the fish. They're staying with me, at least so far anyway!

My friend, Ami, sent me this image when I was Image Queen for our StampCrazyColorBox list. I colored this mad cat with my Prismacolor pencils and OMS and used a pumpkin colored card stock. I love how he turned out and I'd love to just see Porthos, even if he's still mad at me.