Friday, May 23, 2008

Here, let me fix that for you...

I love the show "Tool Time". Love Tim Taylor's take on things and how he always wants to be right. This past Christmas we bought Branden a great set of power tools. They came in a nice box and we got like the last set for a while. The trouble is when we went to hide them (people look everywhere around the house for stuff so finding a hiding place at the house isn't an option if it's something you don't want found!), I put them with someone who was gone for a while. Christmas came and went and all Branden had was a picture and the promise of his tools to come. He wasn't going to use them until the weather broke, but he should have had them. When we were able to get them to him, he was like a kid in a candy store! If there's anything we need fixed around the house, he's always ready to pull out tools and take care of it. Be it cars, tables, furniture, ramps for their automated little motor cars, or dirt bikes, they've got the tools to get it done. Funny how younger kids don't seem to fight when they're fixing things together. Or perhaps they don't fight when you can hear them!

I've heard men fighting over putting things together my whole life. I remember Mom and Dad bought a shed to put the lawnmower and rakes in. My uncle came over and was going to help. They laid out all the parts and just dove in. Didn't read the directions or instructions. They knew what they were doing. They both had different opinions and ways and knew that their way was right and only their way. They could figure it out themselves. Yeah, right! After lots of arguing and fighting and "I told you sos", they finished. What could have taken them an hour took at least five or six! Once I got my license, every time there was something around the house to put together, I grabbed the keys to one of the cars and off I'd go. All I wanted was peace and quiet!

When I saw Fixafella, I knew he was one of the guys that I had to own. I could do anything I wanted to him and let's admit it. Every guy thinks he can fix things. Be it your heart, your life or your DVD stands, they can make everything right. I still like to think that that's possible. Or at least for most of the time!

So for the men in my life that have fixed things for me, here's to you! Fix away!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fairy Godmother

Stella rocks! She may be a bit off skewed, but you can just tell by the sweet look in he eyes that her intentions are pure and true. But every now and then, she goes a little bit over the top. Sometimes she gets a bit tipsy, and ends up holding that olive instead of eating it. I'm sure that's only after like her seventh or eighth tini.

I think everyone has a favorite aunt, cousin, godmother, mentor, some woman who has touched them and looks out for them even when we're not aware. I think I've posted before that other than being a mother, my favorite role has been being Aunt Susie. I love being Aunt Susie and being able to go over the top, giving all I can, as much as I can, for as long as I can. When you give that much, sometimes you need to let loose. And every now and then, that tini glass seems to get empty faster than we think! I'm sure that's the case with Fair Godmother Stella here!

I colored Stella With an Olive on Top with my Prismacolor pencils and OMS and used Glossy Accents by Ranger on the glass to make her look like she'd really fallen into a glass. I think she came out pretty good. I'd eat that olive anyway! Could be because this stamp could have very well been called Aunt Susie with an Olive on Top!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Latte love

One thing I love more than coffee is Miss Lattebella! When I saw her, like a few other Bellas, she just spoke to me. "I'm coming to Maine, I'm coming to Maine," she chanted and true to her word, she ended up at my house! I love lime green and bright orange together and when I laid eyes on this paper, I knew it was meant for my Lattebella. And I can't leave out my cuttlebug and Devine Swirls folder. I think it added just the right touch. Kind of like steam coming out of the coffee cup! But as much as I love her, I love coffee better!

I have a latte love for coffee. Can't help it. I haven't always liked the taste of it, but I've always loved the smell. I remember being in the kitchen when I was young and seeing Mom started cranking on the can opener and seeing that big deep blue can off Maxwell House coffee going round and round. She would get close to the end of the opening and then you'd hear "Pop" and the aroma of ground coffee would come floating out. Aah, that takes me back. My dad was a coal miner and we always had strong coffee going for him in the morning that Mom would put in his thermos. I'd lay in bed and just take a whiff of the smells in the house. Strong coffee, eggs being fried and hot buttered toast. Oh, makes me hungry just thinking about it!

Now coffee comes in either bags or plastic cans with a vacuumed seal on the top. No more pulling out the can opener and hearing the steady thud of the can rolling around. Just a pop when the seal is pulled off. About the closest thing you can get to that old aroma is if you grind up the whole beans yourself. Somehow it's not as tramatic a buildup as opening the can, but one thing they can't take away is the strong smell of that bean all squashed and ground up. Aah. I think I'll run downstairs for another cup!