Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Hagrid

This little hunk of dynomite makes me happy! My Hagrid, who was one year old a couple of weeks ago, brings a smile to my face every time I see him. He's half yorkie and half bichon and has the greatest personality. I think he looks like an old soul.

One of the reasons I love him so is because he loves me to distraction! There can be a thousand people around and this little guy will find me no matter where I happen to be. All he wants is my time, attention, and love. And all I have to do is feed him and take him out. Oh, and chase him every Saturday morning. We sleep in and when he gets out, a family two doors down has a beautiful husky that they put out in the yard and Hagrid has to go and play with him. No one has told Hagrid that he's only about 9 pounds and just a bit over 18" long. He doesn't have any fear and thinks he's off to a wonderful adventure. That's until I catch him and then he's crate bound for a bit of time.

Just wanted to share a bit about my little spot of sunshine. Now, enjoy the rest of the day. I promise not to post anymore!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just My Style!

Having a friend that's a lot like a sister is one of life's gifts and I've been blessed by a few. Lucky, I know. The Man Upstairs always looks out for me even when I don't watch closely for myself.

My dear friend, Lynn, and I get together as much as we can. We've raised our kids together, worked together, lived two door down from one another, followed each other (with our families, of course) in the military from location to location, and now it seems have pretty much retired together. We stamp, cross-stitch, knit, eat, laugh, bowl, you name it and we do it together. Yesterday we got to spend the afternoon together browsing through the craft store. I was anxious to get to the Cuttlebug and stamping section, but she made us start on the opposite side of the store and look through everything before we got to the best part! We had such fun looking through everything, but when we got the the stamping and scrapping side, we were in heaven! After the craft store, it was off for a late lunch. And once again, we saved the best for last - Strawberry Cheesecake with whipped cream and other than spending the day with my dear friend, it was just my style.

Oh, about the card! Lynn and I came up with this by using the SU Hostess set, "Houte Couture." I love this set because it's so sassy, but it's also girly. Pink and brown are two of my favorite colors together. They're girly but have a certain earthy tone to them so I think it's the best of both worlds.

Thank God for your dear friend, friends, or family. He always seems to meet our needs and it's always, Just My Style!