Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feeling very Tink

When I made this card, I was thinking of Tinkerbell and spring. I wanted her to be very light and airy, like late springtime is. So out comes my favorite Stamping Bella image, Tinkerbella. Now, everyone knows that I love my cuttlebug almost as much as as I love Tinkerbell so if I'm doing a Tink card, the background is going to have to be some kind of embossed background! I used Bloom Dots with blue to make it look like she was floating in the air and I layered her on a sage green for the new blooming grass and leaves that are coming up. I colored her with my Prismacolor pencils and OMS and I had to give her some flowers! And when I'm doing up Tink, I can't forget the stickles! "Glitter! Glitter!", she cries to me!

Sunday nights were magical for me because I would sit in front of the television set and wait for Walt Disney World to come one just to see that magical pixie zip across the screen the her pixie dust trailing behind her. And then when she would wave her wand, I so wanted to be right underneath it catching that gently falling dust. Somehow I knew it would make everything beautiful, fresh and new.

I live in Maine and it's just now starting to be rich and lush with foliage. Branden and I walked around the property last night and counted 30 Ladies Slippers! They just seemed to pop up lately and they're just so beautiful and delicate. First think in my mind is a fairy floating around and spreading her pixie dust over all that she sees. So I had to do a Tinkerbella card. I could have made her in pink but I've got another fairy in mind for that. Besides, I think Tinkerbell's a bit to sassy for pale pink! So I'll let this adorable sprite to reside in the woods in back of our house and have dominion over all that she sees!