Monday, July 16, 2012

Katniss Girl of Fire Sizzling

I love to read.  I can't imagine not having a love for reading and experiencing all the wonderful adventures that are laid in front of you between the cover of a book.  One of my aunts always encouraged me to read and told me that if I had a book, there wasn't anywhere I couldn't go or nothing that I couldn't do while sitting in a chair or laying in bed with a book.  I've lived and traveled on the prairie with the Ingalls family, watched my father practice law in a powerful trial in To Kill A Mockingbird (my absolutely all time favorite book ever, right beside my beloved Potters!)

My girls can get me to read just about anything.  We started this reading game about the time Harry Potter came out.  I challenged them to read one Harry Potter book and they enticed me into reading the Twilight series.  I still have a series to read for Nichole, but she kept at me to read the Hunger Games series.  I finally gave in while I was spending time with her before our beloved Lainie Loo was born.  Once I started, I was so hooked!  So to pay tribute to my daughter for having great taste in books and having become a reader who truly enjoys the entire reading process and loves to support her local library, I give you Katniss Girl of Fire Sassy from Sassy Studio Designs.   Nichole, honey, this one is for you.

I just love their images!  Katniss Girl of Fire Sassy was colored with Koh-I-Noor colored pencils with odorless mineral spirits.  I had such a great time using them.  I followed the monthly sketch from the Sassy Studio Design blog and had so much fun working with someone else's design.  I used me some stickles on her gown where I think flames would be, gave her lips a bit of shine with some Diamond Glaze, added some Studio One glass beads, my Martha Stewart border punch and the paper is from Basic Grey.  Here is a close up of her gorgeous face:

I think she's just beautiful.  And a glimpse of the inside:

I hope all of you will go pick up a great read.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you're reading now.  I'm always up for a new book and author!  Have a great day.