Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorry for not being here

Well, I'm doing it! I'm making my move to Florida at the end of October of this year! With Nichole being married and going to be leaving Maine after Branden joins the Air Force, I have the greatest opportunity to start a brand new phase in my life and I'm taking it! I'm going to be working with my old navy roommate, Sonya, and we're going to have a large time! Most people have old college roommates, but not me. I've got the best old navy roommate ever! Great fun to be had!

I've been going through some of my things this week which is why I haven't had much in the way of stamping to share this week, but I promise to be back over the weekend. I've got some cute Victoria Case for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design, Belles N' Whistles, and a few others to put together so I'm still stamping, just not as prolific. But as I was gathering some of my pictures, I found a picture of Nichole and two girls who are daughters of my soul, Kelly and Nicole. I shutter to think about the things these girls have done in the past and what's to come of them in the future! Aren't they just beautiful? They have ran through my house to die on the couch after running to get ready for field hockey season, have taken hostage the bottom floor of my apartment for sleepovers and movie nights and dances and well, you name it and they've done it. They've invaded and ate every morsel of food in my house and brought me pizza when I've had to work three jobs. You just have to love them and thank God for placing them in my life. Nichole, Kelly and Cole, I love everything you've brought to my life and I wouldn't have been able to make it through your high school years without you. You're daughters of my heart and I'll love you and be there for you all forever. Love you, Momma Pearl


Molly B said...

Oh Susan! I'm so going to miss you at our little stamping times. Hopefully you can make it to one or 2 more before you go. I'm sure we'll stay in touch anyway, but it won't be the same without you.

oh yea, the grils looked beautiful!

Karen said...

Wow! What a shocker!!! What will we do without our Susan! You have to be the best artsy cheerleader and I will miss you dearly! Hope to see you Sunday!

Jodi said...

Susan I am so happy for you and you!! You should actually take a trip to visit Summer and I first!! LOL! I think the girls look so pretty in this pic!!
All the best to you!
Big hugs
Jodi =)

marsha said...

Wow! I just wish you much happiness and "smooth sailing" in all your packing up and moving. What a change - from Maine to Florida! The girls are gorgeous and what a blessing!


Hels said...

Good luck hun! xx

Denise said...

Where are you moving to in Floreida? I hope close to me!

Denise Wells

Sheri said...

How exciting! I'm so happy for you and your next chapter! Enjoy!

Iris said...

YAY Susan!!!!! I'm happy for you and can't wait to have you here in sunny Florida right in the neighborhood! :-))) Looking forward to fun meetings with lots of crafting and :-)


denise said...

Found your blog from stampalious!
What a great next chapter in your life! Awesome!
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Susan....Where in FL are you moving to? I'm in FL. Maybe we'll be "neighbors">>>>LOL
email me.....
sandy T

Anonymous said...
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