Friday, October 16, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Did you ever have a collection that you just can't quit playing with? That's how I feel about this sweet, new Winter Wonderland Collection from Victoria Case for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design! They're all available for purchase now so make sure you head on over and pick up your set so you can come and play with us!

When I first saw this sweet Santa, "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" just popped into my head! I kept humming it while I was working on this card! Talk about inspiration! I just couldn't stop working on him and thinking snow and everyone knows how much I hate snow!

This cutie is colored with copics and I added some stickles to his suit and used Liquid Pearls on his hair and beard. White Polar Flower Soft just is just everywhere and I think is just perfect for this card! I added some Diamond Glaze to Santa's boots and all their eyes and used my MS snowflake punches and added some Bella Baubles to the corners. Smooch is perfect for his buttons and buckle and the ribbon on the packages. Love the shimmer it gives!

All the extras on this stamp just make it so endearing. Isn't the sweet bird sitting on Santa's shoulder too sweet? And if you can resist this sweet little pixie squirrel, then there's no hope for you!

And isn't this sweet little deer just adorable? I love so much about this stamp and this collection.

I hope you head right over to Susana's Custom Art and Card Design and pick this set up! It's way too cute to pass up!

Card Ingredients:

Santa from the Winter Wonderland Collection from Victoria Case for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design, Liquid Pearls, Stickles, Polar White Flower Soft, Diamond Glaze, copics, nestabilities,


Shar said...

Love your sparkly Santa!

Annie said...

he's such a jolly santa!
hugs, annie x

Crystal said...

Oh my Susan I LOVE your SANTA!!!!! LOVE LOVE the added sparkle! What a great card girl!

ittybittyinkspotstoo said...

Susan he is so darn cute! Love the look you gave him with the diamond snow! What a great card!

Jacque said...

Susan!!! What a darling card...that Santa is so jolly and that little deer is PRECIOUS!!! You have done a splendid job...I love the sparkle..Beautiful...just beautiful!! Hugs..Jacque

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

AWW!!! What jolly elf!! I love the sweet image and your special coloring and glitter make it even more wonderful!! :) HUGS

Mae said...

Great image & so super cute. You did a wonderful job!

Rosette said...

All your projects are unique and awesome Susan, and this is no less! Lovely card xxxx

Suzanne J Dean said...

So very cute Susan--love the liquid pearls & flower soft! A wonderful holiday card for sure! Feels like snow here--blech--still sleeting & raining (I'm dreaming of a beach vacay, hee hee)


Danni said...

Very nice card! This collection is just too fun!

莫文蔚Karen said...

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