Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Pencil Class - Flowers!

I know it's been a while but I'm jumping back into blogging and paper crafting.  I needed a break from working so hard and I needed some relaxation.  I've found a really wonderful group to be associated with, Kit and Clowder facebook group, and absolutely love all of the inspiration and ideas Alyce Keegan is so talented and one of the best instructors and people I've ran across in such a long time! I get so much inspiration and encouragement from the facebook group that it's made it so easy to get back into coloring  I took some time with the newest Pencil class I did and am so glad I did!  Here are some pictures of how the class progressed for me:

 Day 1: I did just the first video and this is just one of the flowers I worked up.

Day 2:

I really liked how the twine came out!  It's the little things!

Day 3:  Seeing how the butterfly came out really made me happy!

Day 4: Adding these two flowers really made the picture start to pop right off the page.

The end result:  I still need to work on blending the background, but before I started being serious with these classes, I never would have even tried a background, let alone the flowers! 

If you've seen any of my blog posts from way back, you know flowers aren't my specialty - cute or sassy girls are.  While I have a lot to learn and practice up on, I'm having more fun now than I did before!  These were all done with Prismacolor Pencils and I used some Gamsol to blend the background out.  I absolutely loved how this came out.  More than how it came out, I totally loved the experience of just doing something for the relaxation of it. 


Kit and Clowder September Pencil Class
Prismacolor pencils

I hope you'll stop by again to see what else I have going on.  Have a great evening!

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