Monday, December 12, 2016

If I said I wanted to blog again, would you believe me???

It's been forever, but I've missed this.  I've really missed this!  I've had a lot going on since my last post.  I've moved back to Maine when my old employer (that I probably shouldn't have ever left!), reached out and asked what would it take for me to come back.  I told them, they sent me my employees packet, and 6 weeks later I came home!  That was in August, 2014 and I've not regretted it for one second.  Except for during the winter when I've been freezing my butt off!!!

I've got a great apartment that I love with one of my sweet friends, Wanda, living two steps from me, my youngest daughter, Nichole and her family, are back, my oldest, Jennifer and her family are still here, and my Tiffany and hers are still in Florida.  I have my Hagrid here with me and life is good!

As you can see, he doesn't like the cold any more than I do!

I've started selling Pampered Chef because I finally have realized how much easier and more fun it is to cook when you have great products to cut with!  I love everything so much I might as well sell it and pick things up as I need them.  My daughter, Nichole, is my director so it's something I get to do with her and I love it!

I've grown my hair out and I really need to get that color job done in the next few days!

Coloring is something that I always loved to do but have totally forgotten how to.  Best way to learn I've found out, is through Kit and Clowder's coloring classes.  I signed up for their Pencil Perfecting class and am having such a great time!  Here's a peek at what I've learned so far:

I'be got a lot of catching up to do, but I'm so excited about sharing my new found love of learning to cook, coloring and putting some cards together, knitting, and just sharing my days and loves again.  I hope there are still some people out there that may still want to see what I've created and want to hear what I yak on about.

Also, any suggestions on someone who can help give me some direction on updating my blog would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks and I'll be back chatting soon!

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