Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camptown Girls . . .

Is coming tomorrow! I get to show off my scrabpooking abilities or lack of, for our team, The Rosebuds, for The Greeting Farm's Royal Battle. We've made it through to Week 3 and I sur4e don't want to let my sisters down. So stop back tomorrow and find out where to go to vote for us.

In the mean time, I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures of my family from
Easter. We had the greatest time and I love spending time with them. So enjoy and I'll be back tomorrow with a different side of me!

Here's our Allie eating breakfast. She grows so fast!

Ella, Heidi and Allie., Aren't they all just gorgeous?

With Daddy going through the Easter Egg Hunt bag.

This is all of us. Gosh, it was wonderful!


Tasha said...

Susan this is so amazing, its so wild west its fab!
Im in the same boat, we got through to this rund and im so not a scrapper so im winging it! lol
Good luck
love tasha xx

Tasha said...

Ah a special post for my comment lol!

Dont be nervous your page is absolutely fabulos and i think most of us in this round are card makers and not scrappers so we are probably all going to be worried lol!

Its fabulous honestly, you couldnt guess from it that your not a scrapper

love tasha xx