Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aurora at Home - My New Address!

I can't resist this sweet Aurora, the newest collection from Victoria Case for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design. I have a good friend what I wanted to send my new address to and I thought Aurora at Home was perfect for that! These sweetie cute sprites are how available at Susana's Custom Art and Card Design. Head on over to Susana's shop and pick thise baby up!

This baby is colored with copics and I added some stickles to her because I think she looks like she's been out walking around in the morning dew! I added a bit of Smooch to her flowers and some Flower Soft for the grass. I love this sketch from The Sweetest Thing blog. I think I'll use this one again! I love the subtle colors of the Origins paper pad from BasicGrey. It's perfect for a little woodland sprite!

You know how I love to show off these sweet, innocent looking faces! Can you resist them? I sure can't! And I love this bow! I made it with using my Bow Easy! It makes it easy peasy to have gorgeous bows!

So head on over to Susana's Custom Art and Card Design and go pick up these sweet little sprites! They need to come and live at your house!

Card Ingredients:

Aurora at Home by Victoria Case for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design, copics, Origins paper pad from BasicGrey, Stickles, Smooch, Flower Soft, Diamond Glaze, Prima Flowers, Kaisercraft Rhinestones, ribbon, Bow Easy, MS branch punch.


Good Kardma by Jules said...

What an adorable card! Love how you colored her and the DP is yummy.

Donna Moore said...

Your coloring is excellent and the card is adorable! She is very definitely a cutie pie!

Crystal said...

Susan this is darling love the fun cheery colors!

Maria Matter said...

oh Susan, this is just too adorable! great job hun!
Blessings, maria

Cheryl said...

Just darling - I love the yellows and browns together.

Karen Giron said...

She's darling! I love all the yellows and the big flower is perfect!

Susana M said...

Hey Susan
How Fab is this card!!! The colors are awesome and the details are wonderful :o) She seems right at home :o)
Hearts and Hugs

Mae said...

This is perfect! I love your use of this image.

Suzanne J Dean said...

She's so cheery and cute Susan-love the bright colors and sparkles, she looks fabulous!


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