Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Hagrid

This little hunk of dynomite makes me happy! My Hagrid, who was one year old a couple of weeks ago, brings a smile to my face every time I see him. He's half yorkie and half bichon and has the greatest personality. I think he looks like an old soul.

One of the reasons I love him so is because he loves me to distraction! There can be a thousand people around and this little guy will find me no matter where I happen to be. All he wants is my time, attention, and love. And all I have to do is feed him and take him out. Oh, and chase him every Saturday morning. We sleep in and when he gets out, a family two doors down has a beautiful husky that they put out in the yard and Hagrid has to go and play with him. No one has told Hagrid that he's only about 9 pounds and just a bit over 18" long. He doesn't have any fear and thinks he's off to a wonderful adventure. That's until I catch him and then he's crate bound for a bit of time.

Just wanted to share a bit about my little spot of sunshine. Now, enjoy the rest of the day. I promise not to post anymore!


Deb said...

Oh what a sweetie!!! How cute and cuddly! Give her a scratch for me!!

Danni said...

What a cutie!!

Ami said...

I think he's adorable. I have two dogs and three cats who are the joy of our family.

Stacy said...

He is so cute...he kind of does remind me of Hagrid LOL. Cute!