Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Fresh Start...

I think everyone deserves a fresh start every now and then.  I'm taking a fresh start into blogging again about everything that interests me!  I'm starting a new blog called The Crafting Nanni.  That's what my grandkids think I am so I'm going to embrace it!

My grandchildren make me so happy.  My girls and sons-in-law thrill me with how wonderful, kind, and caring they all are.  My church family feeds my soul in ways I don't get anywhere else.  My girlfriends are the absolute best and make me laugh so hard I tinkle.  Not gonna lie, life is really good.

I love to sew, knit, papercraft, read, get lost in genealogy.  I love Christmas and could leave my tree up all year long and not get tired of it.  I love photography and the beach.  Food trucks are the best things ever, and I'm trying to be healthier.  I love Easter and each year it gives me hope.

Speaking of a fresh start, what is sweeter and more refreshing than watermelon in the summertime?  Nothing if  you ask me!  My granddaughters, Alaina and Raylee, have the cutest friend, Emmalynn, who they met at dance class.  This child could and would dance her life away!  We had a driveby birthday party for her and I had the perfect card to make for her.  This is my version of Ballet Marci and some of the dies from Club La-La Land Crafts monthly kits.  This one is from March 2018 and I've used it like 6 times with ballet recitals and just for fun!  

Isn't she just the cutest thing?!  She is colored with copies and I still need to work on her hair.  One thing at a time, I say!  Below is the inside.  The balloon and the package on the front and the slippers and tutu are from the same set from La-La Land Crafts and the Birthday cutouts are from the August 2019 monthly set.

I need to get my photo box set back up and some more coloring under my belt.  I've found some really great classes that I've been taking so hopefully my folds in clothing, hair and other things will come around.  But as long as I'm happy with it, I'm good with that!  

I plan to enter that sweet girl into a few challenges, like:

Just a few this time to start out.  We'll see what happens!

After all, it's just a fresh start...



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